It is always a pleasure to serve. But what gladdens our hearts more is to read wonderful comments and testimonials from our customers. This is what motivates us to do more, and to always aim for excellence. Read what our customers say about us, then you decide.

“Excellent as always, no matter who does it.”
~Nadine D
Recommended on August 24, 2016


“They were the most courteous and efficient cleaning crew I have ever dealt with! Can't say enough good things about the service, follow up and diligent work that these ladies do! I would recommend this Two Ladies and A Bucket to anyone looking for
superior house cleaning services!”

~Michael W
Recommended on August 21, 2016


“This cleaning service does an excellent job. The girls are very nice and professional and my house looks very clean when they leave!”
~Mary B
Recommended on August 14, 2016


“The ladies are very meticulous. My husband and I are very pleased. Their cleaning includes dusting under beds and furniture. They also wipe down the ceiling fans. Very business like.”

~Pat B
Recommended on July 29, 2016


“The team is efficient and does a great job. When you walk through the front door, you can smell the clean. They get in there and do all the things that you'd like done. The counter sparkles, the tub shines, the dust is gone. I've received multiple comments about how clean my home is from guests. Thank you ladies!”

~Elizabeth S
Recommended on July 24, 2016


I highly recommend Two Ladies & a Bucket.  They save my family time and effort - all at a reasonable price.  Give them a call if you need someone to clean your home!

~P L.


These ladies are amazing!  I've got a big old dusty house and I hate to clean. 2L&B has come to my aid more than once and each time have left my house feeling clean and well cared for.

~CJ C.


Two Ladies and a Bucket have been my go-to house cleaning service of choice for the past several years. Depending on my schedule, I may have them come every week or just when I need help with a super deep cleaning; but no matter how often I have them come, they always treat me like I'm their most valued customer, do an incredibly thorough job and treat my home just like I do. I tend to be very picky about what types of cleaning products are used in my home and they're happy to accommodate whatever I'd like. 

I know that I'm probably a difficult client, as I definitely check on all the little details (ceiling fans, inside the microwave, behind the toilet, etc) - I mean, you're paying someone to clean your house, right? - and they've never disappointed me.

In fact, as my grandmother's primary caregiver, I had Two Ladies and a Bucket clean her home as well. If you have an elderly family member who's homebound, you know how much it would mean for them to request the same girls from Two Ladies repeatedly; even though they had a job to do, the ladies made my grandmother feel like she had treasured guests visiting and took the time to talk to her as if she was a friend. I'll always be very grateful for that. And it was especially nice for my grandmother to enjoy a sparkling clean home again, since she was no longer capable of cleaning. Although my grandmother passed away last year, that's one thing that I'll never forget.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Two Ladies and a Bucket to anyone. The owner, Susie Duncan, always goes out of her way to check up on us after each cleaning to make sure we're satisfied with the service and if one of her gals is sick or unable to make it, Susie rolls up her sleeves and does the cleaning herself. I appreciate having people in my own home who I can trust and Two Ladies and a Bucket has been wonderful.

~Sheila R.


I called Two Ladies and a Bucket to do a one-time clean for City Music and Education center. The job Anya and Nicole did was amazing and we've hired them full time. At the same time I have the same dynamic duo come to my home in Kirkwood and clean and never have my floors shined so nicely. Susie Duncan is very professional and runs her business like a well oiled machine.  I'm very pleased in the business cleaning and in my personal home. I love this company!

~Gail H.