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We love to tell everyone about cleaning tips and how it has changed our world and the world of our customers.  In our cleaning blogs, you will learn some cleaning tips and other important things you need to know in keeping your place as homey as possible. We hope you’ll enjoy the articles and at the same time, learn something from them.

Gas or electric, which power washer would be right for you?

By | February 13, 2017 | 0 Comments
gas or electric power washer

Until recently, only professional cleaning services used power washers. Now, homeowners are buying them in huge numbers. They’re the must-have for those who already have a riding mower in the garage. Before you head for the hardware store, however, decide how you will use the power washer so you know how powerful a machine to […]

Cleaning Tips For A Clean and Healthy Home

By Susie Duncan | October 18, 2016 | 749 Comments
Cleaning Tips

General Cleaning Tips Spot clean what needs to be done. Keep cleaning supplies in a tote to carry supplies together. Keep bathroom supplies in the bathroom and kitchen supplies in the kitchen etc. Use a routine to clean. When you clean go from top to bottom in the room and work from the right to […]