Our Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning Checklist for bathroom cleaning


  • Feather dust light fixtures
  • Wipe mirror, no residue behind
  • Soft Scrub sink, no white powder left behind
  • Buff chrome sink handles, water spot free
  • Wipe soap dish free of soap slime
  • Remove all hair from drain traps, floor, counter, toilet
  • Clean toilet, no blue residue, check under seat, screws, and base
  • Straighten towels, fairy fold the toilet paper, dust top of dispenser
  • Soft scrub® kitchen sink, including every angle of spouts and handles
  • Shower walls, ceiling, door, bathtub, chrome fixtures buffed
  • Floors wiped or mopped, wipe counter
  • Remove garbage, clean off trash can, remove, and replace liner
  • window sills, heating ducts, overhead fan
  • light switches wiped
  • outlet covers wiped
  • baseboards cleaned
  • inside windows wiped
Cleaning Checklist for kitchen cleaning


  • Counters wiped, coffee rings removed
  • Sink scrubbed, rinsed thoroughly, no residue
  • Soft Scrub sink, no white powder left behind
  • Chrome on sink fixture buffed
  • Soap scum or dish wiped clean
  • Fronts of cabinets, glass in cabinets
  • Fronts of dish washer, fridge, stove, and broiler or oven
  • Cabinet handles cleaned
  • Top of fridge
  • Ceiling fan where applicable
  • Inside lip of dish washer
  • Window sills and window if accessible
  • Stove full taken apart, cleaned, replaced
  • Countertop appliances wiped down
  • Wipe off toaster ovens, breadboxes
  • Remove garbage and wipe down can
Cleaning Checklist for living room cleaning


  • Floors cleaned, sweep vacuumed and mopped
  • Wipe down tables, chairs, barstools, highchairs, boosters
  • Ceiling fan where applicable
  • Floors cleaned
  • Window sills and sliding glass doors
  • Light switches, outlet covers, baseboards
Cleaning Checklist for Bedroom cleaning


  • Dusting
  • Look up for cobwebs throughout house
  • Move any obvious objects, dust beneath
  • Dust or glass clean all tables
  • Television screen and stereo equipment
  • Lamp bases, shades, bulbs
  • Ceiling fan where applicable
  • Feather dust the blinds, feather dust the artwork, dust photo frames
  • Windowsills, window tracks
  • Ceiling fan where applicable
  • Clean glass doors or kid prints off windows
  • Fluff pillows, fold blankets, make beds
  • Get under plants, around plants, all plant debris, shake plants free of dead leaves
  • Remove garbage wherever you find it
  • Vacuum from furthest corner to entrance, no footprints
  • Hit under beds if un-cluttered
  • Bottoms of chairs collect hair and lint, clean them
  • Light switch and outlet covers
  • Door Frames, door knobs, hand prints
  • Baseboards
  • Interior windows for smudges