• Anyone can say they run a Maid Service! Maid Services are one of the easiest, cheapest businesses to start–almost no experience and almost no start-up costs required! Scary thought.

  • The “OWNER” is often just a “House Cleaner” herself! Most maid services started from an independent housecleaner who decided to start hiring employees and take on more customers. Are you Protected?

  • Employee Turnover can be as high as 300%! Most maid services have a super high employee turnover. This means 15 to 25 NEW PEOPLE in your home each year.

  • High employee turnover is the #1 factor in THEFT-related issues for maid services. Who is touching your belongings?

  • No Shows! “I came home after work, and discovered the maid service never showed up today!” Why is their turnover…your problem?

  • Awkward Feedback Moments. Small companies tend to lack any formal feedback or “concerns” sharing practices. So you become the customer AND the cleaning crew’s supervisor.

  • Declining Quality. So many m aid services offer no formal quality control process resulting in inconsistent cleaning. By the time you find the problem, the cleaning crew is GONE!

Thank you for choosing Two Ladies & A Bucket for your house cleaning needs.