House Cleaning Services

Looking for a reliable cleaning company to make your residential space sparkle as new? Look no further, Two Ladies & A Bucket is here. We provide top-quality residential cleaning services at the most reasonable price possible. We clean all sorts of residential homes such as apartments, condo units and traditional houses. Services are available one-time, seasonally or on a recurring basis.

Our detail-oriented staff commonly cleans living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and other parts of the home. We dust, vacuum, wipe and scrub, among others. Whether you need regular on-going cleaning, or looking for a one-time thorough clean, Two Ladies & A Bucket is here to serve you! Rest assured that we will make your residential space as neat and spotless as possible.

We also promote eco-friendly methods through our green cleaning services.

We offer standard and deep-cleaning services to suit your needs including:

  • Top to Bottom Deluxe Cleaning
  • General / Recurring Cleaning (Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly)
  • One-time or Occasional Cleaning
  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning

100% FREE Up Your Time GUARANTEE!

Making time for what matters is our heart for each of our clients. Giving our clients back that extra time to spend with family, to be able to relax and not have to work after work, and to do those things that matter to you.

Every “General Cleaning” includes the following:


  • Feather dust light fixtures

  • Wipe mirror, no residue behind

  • Soft Scrub sink, no white powder left behind

  • Buff chrome sink handles, water spot free

  • Wipe soap dish free of soap slime

  • Remove all hair from drain traps, floor, counter, toilet

  • Clean toilet, no blue residue, check under seat, screws, and base

  • Straighten towels, fairy fold the toilet paper, dust top of dispenser

  • Soft scrub® kitchen sink, including every angle of spouts and handles

  • Shower walls, ceiling, door, bathtub, chrome fixtures buffed

  • Floors wiped or mopped, wipe counter

  • Remove garbage, clean off trash can, remove, and replace liner

  • Window sills, heating ducts, overhead fan, light switches wiped, outlet covers wiped

  • Baseboards cleaned

  • Inside windows wiped


  • Counters wiped, coffee rings removed

  • Sink scrubbed, rinsed thoroughly, no residue

  • Soft Scrub sink, no white powder left behind

  • Chrome on sink fixture buffed

  • Soap scum or dish wiped clean

  • Fronts of cabinets, glass in cabinets

  • Fronts of dish washer, fridge, stove, and broiler or oven

  • Cabinet handles cleaned

  • Top of fridge

  • Ceiling fan where applicable

  • Inside lip of dish washer

  • Window sills and window if accessible

  • Stove full taken apart, cleaned, replaced

  • Countertop appliances wiped down

  • Wipe off toaster ovens, breadboxes

  • Remove garbage and wipe down can


  • Floors cleaned, sweep vacuumed and mopped

  • Wipe down tables, chairs, barstools, highchairs, boosters

  • Ceiling fan where applicable

  • Floors cleaned

  • Window sills and sliding glass doors

  • Light switches, outlet covers, baseboards


  • Dusting

  • Look up for cobwebs throughout house

  • Move any obvious objects, dust beneath

  • Dust or glass clean all tables

  • Television screen and stereo equipment

  • Lamp bases, shades, bulbs

  • Ceiling fan where applicable

  • Feather dust the blinds, feather dust the artwork, dust photo frames

  • Windowsills, window tracks

  • Ceiling fan where applicable

  • Clean glass doors or kid prints off windows

  • Fluff pillows, fold blankets, make beds

  • Get under plants, around plants, all plant debris, shake plants free of dead leaves

  • Remove garbage wherever you find it

  • Vacuum from furthest corner to entrance, no footprints

  • Hit under beds if un-cluttered

  • Bottoms of chairs collect hair and lint, clean them

  • Light switch and outlet covers

  • Door Frames, door knobs, hand prints

  • Baseboards

  • Interior windows for smudges

Thank you for considering Two Ladies & A Bucket for your home cleaning needs.