Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-04-20T13:27:59-05:00
How Do You Charge?2022-08-18T11:05:21-05:00

Each house is different. We provide custom quotes for each potential client for their particular home.

What Services Do You Offer?2022-08-18T11:06:25-05:00

We offer 4 types of first time cleanings.

1. Super Deluxe Cleaning;

2. General First Time Cleaning

3. Budget Cleaning where we work with our budget and priorities;

4. Continued Maintenance Cleanings for weekly; bi-weekly and monthly clients.

Additionally, we offer weekly; bi-weekly, monthly cleaning, occasional and one-time cleanings.

Do You Clean In Teams Or Send 1 Person?2022-08-18T11:06:45-05:00

Yes, we send 2 cleaning techs the 1st time and depending on the size of the home, we mainly send 1 cleaning tech.

Do You Send The Same Ladies?2022-08-18T11:07:17-05:00

Yes for the most part, we do attempt to send you the same ladies each time.

If someone is off work for some reason, it’s always someone from that team that has been to your home that will be cleaning for you that day.

They know Two Ladies & A Bucket can ensure their satisfaction each and every time they clean their home because of low employee turnover (you’ll see the same smiling faces cleaning your home), regular follow-up and inspections, and on-going communication and feedback.

Do You Bring Your Own Supplies?2022-08-18T11:07:42-05:00

Yes, we do bring our own supplies. We use ECO-Friendly products that are safe for their home, family, and pets.

However, if clients have special products, we will use special products provided by our client.

Are You Bonded And Insured?2022-08-18T11:08:12-05:00

Two Ladies & A Bucket is bonded and insured.

Two Ladies & A Bucket carries worker’s compensation on all employees

Two Ladies & A Bucket conducts criminal background checks on all employees

How Long Have You Been In Business?2022-08-18T11:08:32-05:00

We have been serving the St. Louis area for over 16 years.

What Type Of Guarantee Do You Offer?2022-08-19T15:07:37-05:00

We have a 100% FREE up your time guarantee.

If you are not 100% happy, then we’re not happy until you’re happy and will come back for FREE to address your concerns immediately within 24 to 48 hours of your cleaning.

Are You Involved In The Community?2022-08-18T11:09:15-05:00

We partner with Clean for a Reason that cleans for Breast Cancer Patients during their health journey.

Do You Come To My House To Give A Bid Or Can You Give Us One Over The Phone?2022-08-18T11:09:32-05:00

We give estimates over the phone, by email and we will also do In-Home Estimates. We’d love to meet you.

Thank you for considering Two Ladies & A Bucket for your home cleaning needs.

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